Breakin’ – Vol 1 for Beginners

This is our first of many tutorials. Lil'Tim, your dance teacher in this tutorial, is a world class Bboy who has mentored on the BBC, Performed on Britain's Got Talent, MTV and for the rich and famous. In 2014 he won the World Championship Bboy competition at the o2 in Birmingham. Lil'Tim is a credible and brilliant performer and teacher. Check out his preview video below.

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Our Streetdance series starts with a Breakin’ tutorial for beginners. This Breakin’ tutorial gives you all the support you will require to take your first steps into the world of Streetdancing. Developed by Danceacise, this tutorial features ten different fun and fresh dance moves including, Indian Step, Salsa Step, Up Rock and many more.

The dance mentor is Bboy Lil’Tim, who has over 20 years experience teaching Breakin’. Lil’Tim has performed in Music Videos, TV and Fashion Shows all over the world. He became part of the worldwide famous Air Force Crew run by Little Caesar in Los Angeles in the USA. If you want to learn Breakin’ from the best, then order your Precision Mat today and get your first dance tutorial absolutely FREE!.

Watch a preview of the Breakin’ tutorial, led by the legendary Bboy Lil’Tim.

This volume also includes one extra move and starts with a Breakin’ specific Warm Up routine to ensure your body is ready to learn this art of dance. After you have finished learning, this tutorial will show you how to Warm Down your body to ensure you are ready to enter back into daily life.

Breakin’ Dance Moves;

1. Indian Step
2. Salsa Step
3. Up Rock
4. Bboy Crouch
5. Spiderman
6. Front Sweep
7. Figure of 4
8. James Brown
9. Bum Spin
10. Gestures
11. 3 Step


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