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Nefeli Tsiouti

NEFELI TSIOUTI / B-Girl sMash: Founder and Manager of Project Breakalign – Lecturer in Dance – Choreographer – Dance Researcher.

Nefeli is an established dancer with 20 years’ experience. She attained a BA in French Language and Literature from the University of Athens in 2009 and a Masters in Choreography from Middlesex University in 2011.

Nefeli has been, and continues to be, a Lecturer in Dance at Colleges and Universities across London since 2011. She is also the Artistic Director of Scope Dance Theatre since 2010, making hip-hop dance theatre using the elements of the hip-hop culture, mainly Breaking. Nefeli’s professional performance and/or choreographic credits include Olympics Opening Ceremony, company Grounded, RIOT Offspring/Sadlers Wells, Open Art Surgery/Breakin Convention, Dance Umbrella/Barbican, B.Supreme UK Tour, Faraday’s Cage film/Company Bricolage, BIDE, MOVE IT, The Place, Big Dance and more.

Nefeli won the Lisa Ullmann Travelling Scholarship Fund in 2014, choosing New York as her research destination. She was also awarded the Bogliasco Foundation fellowship for 2015 in Genoa Italy for further research on injuries in breakers. In addition, she was one of the B-Girls of the ELLE-Adidas MyGirl Global campaign in 2013. She has been competing in Breaking battles since December 2010 and won B.Supreme bgirl battle in 2013.

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Project Breakalign – Reducing Injuries for Dancers

Project Breakalign was founded by Nefeli Tsiouti in 2013. It is a prevention of injuries project which aims to create a methodology of corrective exercises which will reduce the risk of injuries for Breakers.


Our aim is to create accessible and accurate knowledge for the hip-hop community. The research will involve B-Boys and B-Girls who are active in the hip-hop scene, as well as researchers, physiotherapists, coaches, medical specialists and people who can contribute to make this vision come to reality.

Project Breakalign was founded in 2013 by Nefeli Tsiouti (Bgirl sMash). It is a project that has as its mission to reduce injuries for dancers.

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Project Breakalign’s mission is the reduction of injuries for dancers. The research and methodology behind Project Breakalign’s work is focused on Breaking (‘Breakdance’, as known by the mainstream circles), but the theoretical and practical education is useful for all kinds of dancers. It revolves around the anatomy, the biomechanics and the psychology of the dancer. Project Breakalign is made of a team of dance and medical specialists.

The core team members are:

– Anna Toombs (Movement Therapist, Running Coach, Barefoot Runner)
– Cali Nelle (Martial Artist, Stuntman, Dancer, Freerunner)
– David Robinson (Conditioning Coach, Running Coach, Barefoot Runner)
– DJ Renegade (Martial Artist, Breaking Coach)
– Erin Sanchez (Manager of DANCE UK’s Healthier Dancer Programme)
– Johannes Hattunen / Bboy Hatsolo (Dancer, Conditioning Coach, Choreographer, Dance Teacher)
– Mark Archer (Physiotherapist)
– Nefeli Tsiouti / Bgirl sMash( Lecturer in Dance, Choreographer, Dancer, Academic)
– Niels Robitzky / Bboy Storm (Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Teacher)
– Sunanda Biswas / Bgirl Sun-Sun (Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Teacher, Fitness Instructor)

Project Breakalign
✉ : [email protected]
F : projectbreakalign
✆ : 075 47644 198
@ ProjeBreakalign

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