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You can learn to dance and exercise from the convenience of your own home. With our structured tutorials , you can learn at your own pace, your speed in your own time. Alternatively, you can attend a local Precision Mat® dance and exercise class, where you can join other like minded people with a professional instructor.

The Precision Mat® is NEW, EXCITING, EASY TO USE and most of all it’s great FUN!!!.

We can show you
how to dance like
your favourite

Breaker on PDM 400
Designed for beginners, Refined for professionals
Using the Precision Mat® is a great method to learn any dance style. Today we have beginners Breakin’, a form of Street Dancing, and over the coming weeks we will have Bollywood, Ballet, Irishing Dancing and lots more. Our tutorials are easy to follow and can be accessed from any internet device (smart phone, tablet, laptop, PC and smart TV) anywhere in the world 24 hours a day.

 …and learn new
exercise techniques
to keep fit…

Exercise on DPM 400
Its never too early or late to get active
Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand for the making of a healthier lifestyle. We will soon be releasing exercise based tutorials that will focus on every part of your body. Whether you want to increase your stamina, tone a certain parts of your body or just generally live a healthier lifestyle, the Precision Mat® is an important piece of the jigsaw.

 …or learn colours and numbers
while having fun
and keeping fit.

kid numbers 23
Pre-School Children and Toddlers are a sponge for information, get them active now.
Pre-School Children and Toddlers can learn numbers and colours whilst being active. Together with their muscle control, balance and coordination, they can learn to count to 12, the colours of the rainbow and tell the time. Playing and learning are completely natural for children, so mastering physical skills will be fun. An active toddler is likely to remain active and healthy for years to come.

The Precision Mat® is a new and exciting learning system, offering step by step guidance, by our fully qualified dance mentors and fitness instructors. We will guide your hand, feet and body movements using visual demonstrations, audible commands and a easy to follow diagram re-enforcing exactly where your hands, feet and body need to be placed (click on the video below).

Don’t delay, get your Precision Mat today!

What is the Danceacise Precision Mat®?

The Danceacise Precision Mat® is a specially designed mat made from approved dance skin, usually seen in theatres, dance schools or gyms. The Precision Mat has specially designed precision points that will guide you where to place your hands, feet, body and head during a class session or video tutorial. Its safe and very straight forward.

How do we compare to other dance mats?

The Danceacise Precision Mat® has never been seen before. In the 90’s Sony and Nintendo released a dance mat for game consoles that measured your reflexes against arrows which were displayed on a television.


That system does not teach you how to dance or exercise, it only tests your reflexes by getting you to step forward, back, left and right with some diagonal markers.

dancer on mat

The Danceacise Precision Mat® ‘can’ teach you to dance any genre including Street Dance, Bollywood, Ballet, HipHop, House etc… and also to exercise such as Yoga, Zumba, Tai Chi, General Fitness etc… Our professional instructors are not trained presenters, they are all ‘real dancers and fitness coaches’ and have a passion to pass on their skills to you in the most efficient way possible. The best way to learn is to be shown by a pro, move by move, every step of the way.

The design of our tutorials is a first in the world. Traditional dance and exercise tutorials only show a person performing and teaching moves, very much like what you will see on standard DVD’s and YouTube videos today.

Danceacise have done something totally different, in addition to the person showing you how to perform the moves, you are instructed exactly where to place your hands, feet and body using the precision points on the Precision Mat. In addition we have placed an electronic animated Precision Mat® on the screen to show you exactly where to place your hands, feet, body and head. So you have a complete 3D view of everything being taught. Our tutorials are easy to follow and will guide you every step of the way. You can learn at your own pace and at the time most suitable for you. Its never been easier to learn a new dance or exercise style. Give it a try!

breakin tutorial

If you want to test out a dance or exercise genre, why not download a single move, its only £1.79, what have you got to loose? We are sure you will love our learning system and come back for more and more.

What you need

So the equipment you will need is a Danceacise Precision Mat® which you need to place on a smooth level floor. You will need to secure the Precision Mat® to the floor using a non-slip material. We offer a non-slip mat which you can place underneath the Precision Mat®. Alternatively, you can use a more cost effective option and purchase our double sided sticky (wood or carpet) floor tape which will have the same effect.

Once you have this done, you can choose from our extensive library of tutorials. We have currently released a Breakin’ tutorial and very soon we will release tutorials for Bollywood, Ballet, House and many more. All tutorials can be watched on-line immediately after purchase. Your Danceacise account will enable you to watch our tutorials on any internet device including a smart phone, tablet, laptop, PC or even your smart TV at home.

Get active today, order your Danceacise Precision Mat® now!!!



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